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Sports Injury Clinic

Specialists In Back Care, Sports Injury & Musculoskeletal Pain Treatments

Our Fees

Osteopathy is a method of assessment, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of musculoskeletal and other related disorders. It works with the structure and function of the body and is based on the principle that the well-being of an individual depends on the skeleton, muscles, ligaments and connective tissues functioning smoothly together.

Osteopathy & Sports Therapy

Initial consultation - 45-60 minutes


Standard follow-up - 25 minutes


Long follow up - 45 minutes


Re-exam - 45 minutes


Osteopathy and Sports Massage - 45 minutes


Shockwave Therapy

Initial consultation


Follow-up appointment


3 Follow-up appointments


Sports Massage

Initial or Follow-up consultation - 60 minutes

Milli - £63  |  Gemma £58

Dry Needling & Taping

Dry needling and taping come at no extra cost in both sports massage and osteopathic treatments where appropriate. Rock tape rolls can be bought at the clinic when in stock.

Discounts available for Armed Forces, Police, Fire and Ambulance Service personnel upon production of a valid ID card. Please call or e-mail for more information.

If you would like your sports club to be considered for a discount please drop us an e-mail.

or call: 01252-781852

Opening Times


12pm - 9pm


8am - 7pm


8am - 9pm


8am - 5pm


8am - 3pm


11am - 3pm

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