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Exercise Rehabilitation

Exercise rehabilitation refers to the use of specific exercise and movement patterns used to restore full function, strength, flexibility, power, and endurance after injury. Rehabilitation is not easy and takes time and effort by the patient outside of the treatment room, but is essential to guaranty full recovery to pre-injury levels and to reduce the likelihood of that injury recurring. We are here to support and motivate you all the way through your injury and empower you with the knowledge you need but the emphasis is on you to take part in this rehabilitation process and make it a success.

At Back to Active Osteopathy and Sports Injury Clinic, we believe that rehabilitation is as important as the manual treatment following an injury and we incorporate rehabilitation exercises into all our treatment plans.

Rehabilitation Exercises can include

  • Stretching Exercises to increase the extensibility of muscles and facia and range of movement at a joint
  • Kinetic Control Exercises to correct motor control dysfunction and improve movement patterns that are often an underlying cause of injury and pain
  • Strengthening Exercises to strengthen muscles that have undergone hypotrophy (weakening) during injury and to strengthen muscle imbalances due to lifestyle or activity
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    ​​​​Foam Roller Exercises to allow the patient to stretch and massage muscle and facia whilst at home
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    ​​​​Balance Exercises to improve proprioception (knowing where your body is in relation to the ground and itself) which is often compromised when a joint or muscle is injured

These rehabilitation exercises will include the use of limited equipment such as balance boards, foam rollers (a device used for self-massage and stretching), therabands (latex bands of varying resistance) and weights.

Therabands are provided to patients free of charge, balance boards and weights can be borrowed from the clinic with a small deposit when available and foam rollers can be purchased from the clinic when in stock.

or call: 01420 629059

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